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Bunny free to good home…

It’s all Twi’s fault really.  She posted this picture:



of Adam Levine the lead singer for Maroon 5 and I couldn’t help noticing a certain resemblance to John Sheppard of Stargate: Atlantis.  That caused the following bunny to appear fully formed, plop down in my lap, and french kiss the hell out of me before I knew what happened:


John was a little freaked out at how well Ronon was getting along with his cousin. Seriously, 10 minutes after meeting they disappeared together and 45 minutes after that they came stumbling out of the bushes, clothes in disarray with giant smiles on their faces. This was even more awkward when people would come up and comment on how much the two cousins resembled each other.

I don’t need anymore bunnies and do NOT write RPS, so if anyone wants this idea, please, please take this bunny away from me.


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