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About Me

Reader and writer of Fanfic.  I mostly write short, humorous one-shots, so if you are looking for long, angst ridden stories you are in the wrong place.

So far I’ve finished 11 CSI:LV, one Stargate:Atlantis, and one Hawaii 5-0  fic.  They will most likely migrate to the site eventually.  At least those of my stories that aren’t horrible will.  I feel no need to inflict my earliest tries at fanfic on anyone.  I’d hate to be responsible for someone’s mental trauma.

I have only recently finished one of my fanfic stories after a writers block that lasted longer than I care to contemplate.  I’ll probably start by reposting a few of my older fic to start.   I do have at least 5 stories in my WIP folder, we’ll see how far I get with those.

Thanks to my wonderful friends, those Porn Hustling Hussies aka Keira’s Minions over at Keira’s Site, my creativity is up, in no small part because they keep feeding the mutant plot bunnies and then throw them at my head (and yes thoth, I’m looking at you).  For now I’ll probably just be posting snippets as they come to me, but rest assured when I finish something it will be posted here first.

Run while you still can, or if you enjoy the crack, pull up a chair and stay a while.



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