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Fic: Christmas Chaos, CSI:LV

For Christmas a repost of an older story.  Originally posted December 2005. Title: Christmas Chaos (1/1) Fandom: CSI:LV Genre: General/ Humor Rating: K+ Summery: Christmas insanity, CSI style. Response to The Scribes’ Corner Holliday Challenge. The story must contain any element from the 12 Days of Christmas. Disclaimer: I do not own CSI. No profit …

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Fic: Harassment (1/1) – CSI:LV

Title:  Harassment Fandom:  CSI Rated: T Genre:  Crack, humor, and more crack. Disclaimer:  I do not own CSI or any of the recognizable characters.  All I own is this story which is the product of my own twisted imagination.  No profit being made from this work of fanfiction. Summery:  Response to Scribe’s “take off your …

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