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Fic: Harassment (1/1) – CSI:LV

Title:  Harassment

Fandom:  CSI

Rated: T

Genre:  Crack, humor, and more crack.

Disclaimer:  I do not own CSI or any of the recognizable characters.  All I own is this story which is the product of my own twisted imagination.  No profit being made from this work of fanfiction.

Summery:  Response to Scribe’s “take off your clothes” challenge.  Story had to use the phrase exactly.


“Take off your clothes.”


“Take off your clothes.”

“Quit kidding around Grissom.”

“Take off your clothes.”

Greg backed slowly away from Grissom.

“Don’t you think you’re taking this ‘haze the new guy’ thing a bit far?”

Suddenly, Grissom lunged for Greg.

“Take off your clothes!”

Greg screamed and ran from Grissom’s office and down the hall.

The noise brought Sara and Hodges to the door of the break room.

Sara stared in disbelief. “Was that…?”

“Greg?” Hodges asked, “Yes it was.”

“And was he…?”

“Screaming like a school girl? Absolutely.”

Just then Grissom ran down the hallway past the break room.

“Take off your clothes!”

“What the heck was that?”

“That would be Grissom chasing after Greg. I think someone mixed up their vitamins and Viagra again.”

“Now if you don’t mind,” said Hodges, “I’m going to go lock myself in the evidence locker until it wears off.”

Hodges scurried from the break room, passing Jim Brass in the hallway.

Brass looked on in disbelief at the sight of Greg, with his shirt in tatters, fleeing down the hall.

“I’m not that kind of boy! I’m not that kind of boy!” Greg screamed as he passed Brass.

He was quickly followed by Grissom.


Apparently this was the last straw for Sara, because she dashed out of the break room after Greg and Grissom.

“Get away from my man you spikey haired home wrecker!”

Brass sighed as he shook his head in amazement. “I’m not paid enough to work here.”


Well all the cool “kids” are doing it…

Let it not be said that I’m not a total lemming when it comes to this sort of thing.  Eventually I will give in to the geeky peer pressure and end up with yet another blog.  *hangs head in shame*  So here I am on WordPress.  Please hold your applause.

Not sure exactly what I’m going to be doing with this since I haven’t actually finished one of my fanfic stories in longer than I care to contemplate.  I’ll probably start by reposting a few of my older fic to start.  Giving me a chance to get used to wordpress, and giving me a place to store the older stories.

Thanks to my wonderful friends, those Porn Hustling Hussies aka Keira’s Minions over at Keira’s Site, my creativity is up, in no small part because they keep feeding the mutant plot bunnies and then throw them at my head (and yes thoth, I’m looking at you).  For now I’ll probably just be posting snippets as they come to me, but rest assured when I finish something it will be posted here first.

Run while you still can, or if you enjoy the crack, pull up a chair and stay a while.


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